Albino Penis Envy magic mushroom delivery near me UK

Albino Penis Envy (APE) is a variety of Penis Envy mushroom (PE) that lacks pigment. This ghostly white shroom shares PE’s same phallic shape but is less potent and cultivation tends to be more demanding.

In terms of growth habits, APE has a domed cap that’s minutely wider than the thick stem. This strain doesn’t usually sporulate due to the veil that rarely separates from the underside of the cap. These features give many of the strains in the Penis Envy family an unusual penis look.

Although the APE strain is just as potent as Penis Envy and can give good yields over several prolific flushes, it’s much harder to grow. Albino Penis Envy is prone to aborts, is slower to colonize, and is far more susceptible to mold growth.

This strain is definitely not one to be approached by the beginner cultivator. Instead, it’s more suited for the experienced grower that wants a challenge. Provided the cultivator gets through the first flush, the three to four following flushes can be extremely fruitful — producing large, highly-potent albino shrooms.

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