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This Indica Strain’s Characteristics
Blackberry Kush is a gorgeous indica cannabis strain with dark violet buds laced with deep greens, yellows, and even black colours wrapped in orange hairs. It has an earthy, sweet berry scent and a similar flavour. Some crops have been tested to see whether they can produce a fuel-like undertone. Buy Honey Vape Blackberry Kush

There have been some disagreements about the Blackberry Kush lineage. Some think it’s merely the offspring of Afghani indica and hybrid Blackberry, while others believe it’s a cross of Afghani and DJ Short Blueberry. Others speculate that it is the offspring of an Afghani/Blackberry hybrid mated with Bubba Kush.

The THC percentage is currently about 13%, but powerful crops have yielded up to 20%. Its high is considered to be incredibly calming, reducing body pain and pains while also creating euphoria in the user. This strain might also give you the munchies. It’s best to use it at night because it can make you sleepy, and reviewers say it helps with insomnia.

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