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Buy AK48 Strain Online

AK-48 is a impressive Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Although its name’s closeness to another well-known strain, AK-47, AK-48 is a absolutely different flower. Nirvana Seeds, a cannabis company established in the Netherlands with roots in the cannabis community dating back approximately four decades, was the first to breed this strain. This dominant strain is a cross between Jock Horror and Ice, two strains which were anxiously crafted by Nirvana Seeds.

AK48 Strain Online

This AK48 strain has a diverseness of both sativa as indica with THC levels of 20 percent. The CBD level is 1 percent average. AK-48 is connected to the following strains; Ice and Jock Horror according of 65% indica and 35% sativa. AK-48 will grow into a alluring cannabis plant with nice buds. Germinate the AK48 seeds and grow it into a nice cannabis plant, a fast flowering period of 56 days before the plant is produced. The AK family of seed strains has a long-standing influence for producing some of the strongest and fastest-flowering Indica / Sativa cannabis hybrids accessible. People who buy AK48 Automatic cannabis seeds are picking for the best of both worlds; this heavy hybrid weed gives a classic Sativa high effect when consumed, coupled with a apparently Indica type of growth-pattern and yield (thanks to her Afghani genetics). AK – 48 Automatic is ideal for demonstrating the enormous advantage of hybrid cannabis strains, as well as for producing new levels of calm and large clouds of fruit-flavored smoke!

Buy AK48 Strain

When it comes to producing AK-48, it is a very hardy plant which makes it a great choice for users. On the other hand, experienced users can push this plant, making it ready for harvest in just under 7 weeks. AK-48 has a sweet, flowery, and somewhat earthy aroma when smoked, and produces a delighted, euphoric, sativa like high. Medical cannabis users have reported this strain to be very helpful when dealing with stress or depression. AK cannabis genetics have been expanding popular among both marijuana growers and users. Nirvana’s rendition of this plant, the AK-48, is known for it’s potency and an extremely expeditious finishing time. While it’ll generally be ready for harvest around 9 weeks, when grown in optimal situations this plant can finish in as little as 48 days.

Lab tests clock its power at more than 20% THC, according to Amsterdam Seed Center. A mix of basically Sativa landrace strains from Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, and Afghanistan (the Indica in the mix) created by Nirvana Seeds While the plant bizarrely lacks a strong smell during its developed phase, finished buds have a floral, citrus scent and matching flavor. The best place to buy AK48 Strain Online is canabisexoticshop. We deliver the authentic and best quality AK48 Strain Online.




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